The North Country Children’s Museum’s Winter Class Series offer kids unique, interactive STEAM activities led by NCCM educators and university faculty. These drop-off programs are held at our location in downtown Potsdam. Space is limited to 10 children per session. $145 per child and members receive a 10% discount.

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Session 1: January 13 to February 12

Session 2: March 3 to April 2

Theater & Art for PreK-Grade 3: Wed 11am-3:30pm

Session 1: The Art and Science of Magic Come explore the wonders of real-life magic! Engage is science experiments with a magical outcome and create works of art that have a touch of magic within each artistic technique. We will create dream drawings, optical illusions, turn poems into magical spells, and much more! Learn about magic tricks, see examples of special effects in theatre, and create a magic show of your own.

Session 2: Circus Arts Do you love the circus? Come create your own circus as you walk the balance beam, practice hula hooping, put on special performances. Create fun, circus inspired art projects and learn about famous artists who loved the circus as much as you do!

Music for PreK-Kindergarten: Thurs 11am-3:30pm

Session 1: Kid Composers This session, kids will explore the music of famous composers and become composers themselves! We will investigate different genres and styles of music, all while completing hands-on projects and diving into the world of making our own music.

Session 2: Hit it! This session, kids will discover different percussive instruments and how to play them both traditionally and by thinking outside the box!  We will explore rhythm, how to play different percussion instruments, and even how to make your own percussion instruments!

Science for Grades 1-5: Fridays 11am-3:30pm

Session 1: 3D Engineering & Design Can you think of any big problems in the world? Using the principles of engineering and science, you can come up with new and exciting solutions that might actually solve some of them! We’ll try reinventing our homes, our transportation, our food, and ourselves as we experiment with LEGOS, 3D Printers, renewable energy, robots, and more in an effort to design a brighter future!

Session 2: Adirondack Semester at the Museum! Are all experiments done in a lab? In this class, we’re going to explore the Adirondack Park Experiment – no mountain climbing or safety glasses required! We’ll practice what plants and people play, animate why animals and automobiles associate, and film why farms and forests fight! Come explore the science of the Adirondack Park with us!

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