Books to Read

Check out these books or ask a librarian for more suggestions

Rah, Rah, Radishes!: A Vegetable Chant by April Pulley Sayre
Ages 2-4
With raucous, rhyming text, Rah, Rah, Radishes! celebrates fresh vegetables, nature’s bright colors, and the joy of healthy eating.


Skywalkers: Mohawk Ironworkers Build the City by David Weitzman
Ages 10-14
Skyscrapers define the American city. Through a narrative text and gorgeous historical photographs David Weitzman explores Native American history and the evolution of structural engineering and architecture, illuminating the Mohawk ironworkers who risked their lives to build our cities and their lasting impact on our urban landscape.


STEAM Kids: 50+ Science / Technology / Engineering / Art / Math Hands-On Projects for Kids by the STEAM Kids author team Ana Dziengel, Amber Scardino, Chelsey Marashian, Dayna Abraham, Erica Clark, Jamie Hand, Karyn Tripp, Leslie Manlapig, Malia Hallowell, and P.R. Newton
Ages 4-10
Created by an MIT engineer, award winning educators, designers, and homeschooling experts, STEAM Kids inspires children to: question like a scientist, design like a technologist, build like an engineer, create like an artist, deduce like a mathematician – and, most importantly – play like a kid!


Sugaring Time by Kathryn Lasky, photography by Christopher G. Knight
Ages 8-12
Text and photographs show how a family taps the sap from maple trees and processes it into maple syrup.


Sugaring by Jesse Haas, illustrated by Jos. A. Smith
Ages 4-8
Nora and Gramp are collecting sap from maple trees to make maple syrup. The horses, Bonnie and Stella, are working hard, too, pulling the heavy sap tank through the snow from tree to tree.