The North Country Children’s Museum’s Vacation Week Camps run MONDAY to FRIDAY from      9am – 3pm, and offer kids unique, hands-on STEAM programs led by NCCM educators and university faculty. Camps are held at our location in downtown Potsdam and in University labs.

February Vacation Week: Space Camp

Are you ready for an out-of-this world adventure? We’re going to explore the otherworldly beauty of alien planets and cosmic phenomena and discover the incredible potential of extremophiles on earth. We’ll experiment with the radiation in our own backyards and see how other worlds weather the storms of cosmic radiation. Finally, we’ll collaborate on an exoplanet of our own, full of theoretical biochemistry, and see how intelligent life could develop in ways not as alien as we think!

April Vacation Week: Wicked Weather Camp 

How do greenhouse gases actually work? What is ocean acidification, and how is it affecting our coral reefs and ocean currents? What do biofuels mean for transportation? Through hands-on art and science projects, we’ll adventure into the complicated mechanisms that are shaping the future of our planet and explore possibilities for creative solutions to climate change.

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