The North Country Children’s Museum’s Vacation Week Programs run MONDAY to FRIDAY from 9am – 3pm, and offer kids unique, hands-on STEAM activities led by NCCM educators and university faculty. Programs are held at our location in downtown Potsdam and in University labs.

Videography: August 3rd-7th

Do you have a love for the movies? Let’s make some! Come explore the world of videography as we experiment with different forms of filming and editing techniques. We will capture still shots, create slow-motion and time-lapse videos, as well as create our own commercial and instructional videos. Children can share completed projects through NCCM social media.

3D Design: August 10th-14th

3D Design is a challenging and rewarding way to build, create, balance, and construct! Children will experiment with different kinds of materials to create 3D art and design. We’ll display some of our final pieces in public spaces. Throughout the week, we’ll explore approaches to design including environmental sculptures, inflatable sculptures, light up sculptures, and even floating sculptures!

Gaming: August 17th-21st

It’s all fun and games until somebody breaks the rules! In this program, we’ll get hands-on with some of humanity’s oldest pastimes – board and card games – and see what these games can tell us about life (and what life can tell us about games). Children will design rules for games that have been lost to time, play games of every major design style, and craft their own games that revolve around concepts and ideas that dominate our society. Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, kids will also be able to engage with local businesses and universities on how gaming plays a role in their fields.

Wicked Weather: August 24th-28th

How do greenhouse gases actually work? What is ocean acidification, and how is it affecting our coral reefs and ocean currents? What do biofuels mean for transportation? Through hands-on art and science projects, we’ll adventure into the complicated mechanisms that are shaping the future of our planet and explore possibilities for creative solutions to climate change.

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